Toyota Camry 2012 launches in UAE now in a new design boosting more power and generous space!!

With promising evolution through six generations, Toyota has been consistently delivering a power packed, electrifying sedan in the name of Camry. Toyota has effectively done its best with the Camry in terms of power, luxury and styling delivering reliability and durability for 10 years now. For a car to effortlessly fulfill all your needs, not trouble you with high maintenance and constant break downs and to top it up, give you a good resale value, Camry has come to be an icon not only in UAE but all round the world.

Commencing a new era, Al Futtaim motors, the exclusive dealers for Toyota have welcomed the seventh generation of Toyota Camry for the year 2012, here in UAE. Camry 2012 is available in four variants, namely the S, SE, SE PLUS and SPORT version here in the Middle East. 

Incorporating the new design boosting more power and space, Camry 2012 is here to deliver excellent value-for-money with the firm stability and smooth ride comfort…

Toyota Camry Ext 1

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Wrapped in a new design, Camry 2012 looks sportier then ever. With new aero cornered front bumper design, laid in a straight pattern holding the sharp edged front lamp and fog lights, Camry 2012 looks wider and commanding than before. Straight lines flowing down to the nose and the openings in the bumper help the sedan seamlessly slit through the air. The redefined rocker panel mouldings with the shoulder lines leaning forward create a moving expression. Newly designed L-shaped tail lights fit well with the sharp angular trunk shape.

Toyota Camry Ext 2
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Toyota has flattened the new Camry’s body from front to the end conducting a smooth flow of air across the sides to provide a stable ride. Engineers have cleverly designed the body of Camry with aerodynamic elements to enhance drive quality and secure stability. Camry 2012 sits low on 17” alloys presenting a clean appearance.

To drive this beautiful body, Toyota has packed the Camry with a lightweight 2.5L, 4-cylinder, 16 valve Dual VVT-i petrol engine. This mechanism is mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission (6 Super ECT) which provides outstanding driving performance with smooth shifting. With the presence of Multi-Mode Automatic Transmission and Paddle shifters, Camry 2012 allows you to enjoy the shift response of a manual transmission. With such equipment, Camry delivers a staggering 181 HP @ 6000 RPM.

 Toyota Camry GearKnob
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Sophisticated technologies like the Dual VVT-i, EPS and ECT sitting in a lightweight body, Toyota promises Camry 2012 to be more responsive and provide sportier handling with better fuel economy (increased by 11.4%) producing lower gas emissions.

Straight-line stability is enhanced with the help of a refurbished chassis with Toyota’s latest electric power steering system which alternates steering response depending on the speed of the vehicle. A lightweight high-tensile steel body with revised suspensions and under body aerodynamic aids further improves ride stability.  

Not compromising on safety, Camry adopts the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system which helps prevent front and rear wheel ship by reducing engine power and applying break force to the wheels which require it. SRS airbags lie in place for the driver and front passenger along with side and curtain shield airbags to minimize impact on collision. ABS and brake assists run standard on all variants and SE PLUS enjoys stability and traction control systems.

 Toyota Camry Int 1
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The interiors of the Camry communicate a welcoming feeling with redesigned seating and an elegant new dashboard. With rich use of leather upholstery including a leather finished steering wheel, Camry provides a luxurious ambiance. Interior lighting with illuminated front scuff plates and wood-grain finished decorative panels brings the interiors to life. Having moved the front seats and acceleration pedals to the front and rear seats hip points moved backwards the interior space has substantially increased improvising passenger comfort. Having worked on the soundproofing, Camry delivers a much quieter ride even at high speeds.

The elegant design of the dashboard with wooden finishing and leather upholstery take the interiors of the Camry to new levels of luxury.

Toyota Camry dashboard
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Under this elegant finishing lies up-to-date technology. Camry incorporates a display audio system supporting AM/FM, CD, DVD and MP3 connected to 6 speakers providing crisp music. A USB/audio jack is also provided to connect your IPod and other audio devices. The display projects the rear view camera (optional) with guidelines for ease while parking. An in build navigation system (optional) helps you conveniently cruise around the city. The smart keyless entry (optional) system automatically detects the keys in near proximity and unlocks all the doors by simply gripping the door handle. The same system helps ignite the engine by holding the brake pedal and pressing the engine switch, eliminating the use of keys. Multi-Information Display placed in the instrument cluster provides valuable information like trip info, fuel economy etc.

Toyota Camry Ext 3
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Camry has brought interior elegance and comfort to new standards, a smart move by Toyota in this segment.

As a package, a lightweight sporty design holding an engine which delivers responsive performance and impressive fuel economy, Toyota Camry 2012 projects a progressive feel. With durability and consistent performance running in its genes, Camry continues its 10 year old legacy of excellence…


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*Retail Price:

S – AED 88,000.

SE – AED 93,000.

SE PLUS – AED 101,000.

SPORT – AED 102,000.

*Price may vary as per features and options selected.

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