Get set for the all rugged and raw Nissan Xterra 2012.

UAE is a land full of SUV lovers. With huge stretches of deserts, rocks and gravel covering this region such a liking towards 4×4’s is quite understood. This contributes to a crazy number of off-roading enthusiasts all over the Middle East who look for a rough and tough SUV that can go through the toughest of the terrains, crawl over anything that comes its way and make for a perfectly amazing weekend. Such passion and demand for SUV’s brings a stiff competition among car makers to deliver their best and one of the toughest contenders in this segment is Japanese giant, Nissan. Offering array of SUV’s in UAE, the boldest and most rugged of them all is the Xterra 2012.

Nissan xterra 2012 angular exterior
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Xterra was introduced in UAE near the end of 2007 and it received upliftments in 2009. The 2012 model continues the same rugged and rough look which is much loved in this region. From the outside, Xterra is boxy and that gives it a very bold look. It definitely looks like a true SUV, the trademark aluminum roof rack (which btw can hold up to 68 kg), the side step on rear bumpers for easy access to the roof and the large flare fenders make Xterra look rough. Nissan’s family grille, square headlights, sporty fog lights on the bumper and the square windows further add to its rugged styling. Xterra comes with 16” steel wheels for the base (X) model and huge 17” alloys on the top end (SE) model.

Nissan xterra 2012 angular exterior back
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On the Interiors, Xterra is intelligently designed to maximize passenger and storage room. Xterra incorporates Nissan’s useful Utili-Track Cargo system in the rear to secure your off-road gear. Ten hooks are also provided around the rear storage area to hold cargo with the help of bungee cords. The 60/40 split rear seats and fold flat front seats makes enough room to load cargo any shape and size. Such features add to great convenience and bestow Xterra with endless possibilities for off-roading.

Nissan xterra 2012 interiors
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However, the dashboard is bland and bare in design which is quite a turn off as other SUV’s in the market are beautifully styled and packed with tech. The central console is simple and designed majorly in plastic, it incorporates a touch screen navigation system (optional) and a 6-CD changer audio system with 9 speakers. This player supports CD, MP3 and you can also plug in your iPod or USB, the audio quality is fairly decent. Bluetooth hands-free phone system allows for easy use of mobile with a touch of a button on the steering wheel. Cabin upholstery is available in choice of leather or cloth in various colours. As such the cabin of Xterra is bland in terms of technology and design which goes with it rugged off-roading personality but compromises on convenience and comfort.

Nissan xterra 2012 engine
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Xterra 2012 is powered by a 4.0L DOHC 24-valve V6 with fuel injectors which produce an impressive 291HP. Transmission is available with a choice of 6-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual. The drive of this engine is enjoyable and is packed with power which delivers an amazing off-road experience. Touch the throttle and Xterra instantly responds with raw power. The steering is comfortable and adds to easy handling. For an SUV, Xterra lives up to the expectation.

The special off-roading model of Xterra 2012 (OR) is loaded with upgrades like Bilstein performance shocks, Skip plates and BF Goodrich trail tyres.

For safety, Xterra comes with 6 airbags incorporating Nissan’s Advanced Air Bag System (AABS), it also includes standard vehicle dynamic control (VDC) and Standard Anti-lock braking system (ABS). Xterra’s zone body construction helps absorb impact in case of a collision.

Nissan xterra 2012 exterior side
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Xterra is a tough and robust SUV with a bold exterior design, interior space and cargo utility and commanding power under the hood. It is an SUV in the true sense.  

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AED 98,000 – AED 118,000.

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    I have now a BMW 328 convertible it is raelly power man you drives it very smooth i has before mercedes C and yes is more luxury inside but alot the problems computer on this car is very anoying so my opinion the best BMW

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