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Mercedes has been defining luxury and power in vehicles for decades now. There spectacular design and extremely powerful engines have made them an icon in the world of automobiles. The feel and drive of this legendary brand is relished by millions all around the world and here in Dubai people love this three pointed star.

Mercedes manufactures a variety of vehicles, each a frontrunner in its segment but one of them is strikingly different, its special and you will know why. This was the first vehicle to have airbags, the first with ABS, first to have a Satellite navigation system, three point seat belts and much more. Basically, this saloon invents and others follow. Welcome the epitome of luxury, gadgetry, space and power, welcome the all new 2012 Mercedes S-class.

Mercedes S-class 2012 front

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With a stunning sleek design, S-class stands a level above all others. The long wheel-base and wide stance of this saloon is a major attraction here in Dubai. The concave curves on its body look fabulous with the combination of sharp lines and make it stand out of the crowd. A chrome grille, sporty bumper with attractive LED daytime lights and unique arc-shaped headlights bring prominence to the front profile. On the rear sharp lines and smooth curves come together with LED tail lamps and square shaped exhaust pipes. Body styling and design reach its best and make the S-class look exquisite.

Mercedes S-class 2012 back

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Built with the most premium materials known to man, the cabin of this saloon is sumptuous. Plush wooden trim runs all across the dashboard, door casing and steering wheel and fine leather upholstery covers every nook and corner of the interiors. On the downside, the layout of the dashboard looks quite boring as compared to the likes of Audi and BMW. Multi-contour electronic seats are extremely comfortable and equipped with massagers. Both front and rear seats have memory to move into preset seating positions with a touch of a button. The S-class available in Dubai are predominantly long wheel-base versions and so the leg and head room is massive. Sitting in the back you have a good 10” of free space before your knees touch the front seats. The touch feel of the cabin is extremely smooth and lavish, even the minutest details stylishly projects luxury.


Mercedes S-class 2012 dashboard

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Technology runs deep in the roots of the S-class and it has always been ahead of its time when it comes to gadgets. An 8” COMAND display screen on the dash board acts as the headquarters for the endless list of gadgets in this vehicle. A night vision camera is mounted on the front to provide increased clarity in dark driving conditions. Rear view camera, satellite navigation system, speed limit assist are among other popular features. COMAND APS multimedia feature is available as an option and offers a host of options of particular interest to the driver including voice-operated controls, alternate route calculation and much more. Audio comes through Harman/Kardon LOGIC 7 with 5.1 surround sound system, 14 loudspeakers and 600 watts of power.  The optional rear entertainment system includes to 8” TFT displays with DVD playback and premium quality wireless headphones. The technological sophistication of S-class is an endless story and I may run out of words but S-class will never run out of features.

Mercedes S-class 2012 rear interiors

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The 18” aluminium alloys of the S-class are driven by superb power pumped in the engine. S-class offers a variety of engine choices, namely, a 3.0L V6, 3.5L V6, 5.5L V8, 5.5L turbo charged V12, 6.2L V8 and a 6.0 turbo charged V12.  All engines are RWD with 7-speed automatic transmission except for the turbo charged engines which are AWD (4MATIC) with 5-speed automatic transmission. The S-class handles amazingly agile for such a huge car. Grab the steering wheel, hit the pedal and you will realize just how easy it drives. In fact I believe it is the most chilled out of any mainstream production cars available today. Air suspensions bring extraordinary smoothness to the ride, S-class literally glides over bumps keeping you absolutely stable at all times.

Mercedes S-class 2012 side

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Safety is a major concern in Mercedes and S-class takes special care for that. Safety technology is unbelievably advanced in this saloon. Apart for the list of equipment like nine airbags, DISTRONIC PLUS Proximity control, Attention assist, Lane Keeping assist, Blindspot assist etc. this vehicle automatically prepares itself as it realizes a potential collision. For instance, as it realizes the vehicles is going to collide, front seats move into a safer position, windows and sunroof close, active head restraints come into action, multi-contour seat have cambers which are filled with air to absorb impact. All of this happens automatically by the computer in the system. Unbelievable, isn’t it.

S-class is a luxury saloon in its purest form. It brings a new meaning to passenger comfort. Mercedes continues the S-class legacy of lavishness and extravagance.

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S 300 AED 345000 – 440000
S 350 L AED 358000 – 450000
S 400 HYBRID AED 400000 – 500000
S 500 L AED 475000 – 570000
S 600 L AED 600000 – 700000
S 63 AMG AED 665000 – 740000
S 65 AMG AED 890000 – 940000

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