The new Pentastar 3.6L engine brings power to the classic Jeep Wrangler.

It’s a legendary 4×4, it’s a classic with more than 70 years of experience on the toughest terrains of the planet. Officially made for the US military, it’s clearly not any ordinary set of wheels. This SUV has come to become a dream for many in Dubai for many reasons, the classic rugged styling, huge customization options, display of automobile heritage and its sheer dominance off-road. Jeep has been wooing UAE for decades now and this experience combined with power focused engineering has come together for Jeep Wrangler 2012.

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Jeep is one of the few in the world to maintain its original styling from 1941. While others of the same league evolved into futuristic and fluidic shapes, Wrangler remains true to its heritage with the classic design which is loved by all. Personally, it’s the shape of the Wrangler that pulls me, while their design elements like the latches on the hood to close it down may be a hindrance for some in this day of automatic doors, I find it hugely fascinating. The circular headlamps separated by the signature Jeep grille and the huge fender flare are the most prominent aspects of Wrangler. One can strip the Wrangler off its roof, although it’s a tedious twenty minute procedure and does cause annoying wind noise at high speeds, it looks stunning with this standard feature. Other amazing styling options include Sunrider soft-top and removable doors. Its boxy design with high ground clearance make it the most rugged and tough looking SUV on the block. Wrangler does not try to fit in the crowed of ordinary SUV’s as it was made to stand out.

Jeep had realized pretty early in time that to stay strong in the market they need to continuously reinvent themselves. For the same purpose they introduced the four door variant or the Wrangler Unlimited a few years ago. This model is similar in looks except for a longer wheel base to comfortably seats five with space to spare for cargo. This was an intelligent move by the makers and now Wrangler is not only a boys toy but can actually be used as a comfortable yet unique family SUV.  On the same thought of reinvention, a special edition called the Wrangler Modern Warfare 3 (based on the Video Game) has been launched in US, unfortunately we will not be seeing any of these limited edition Jeeps in the gulf.


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On the interiors, design of the dashboard and the entire layout of the cabin is very basic and rugged. It’s a direct influence of the military origins. For instance a hand bar right above the glove compartment is not what you commonly see in SUV’s and it is boldly engraved with the words “JEEP, Since 1941”.  Cabin is spacious and netted compartments and pockets are distributed all around for storage. Such styling is not what can be classified as luxurious but rugged and charming and goes with the personality of the Wrangler.

Regardless of the rugged design, Wrangler 2012 does not lack comfort in terms of features and technology. It is equipped with the latest gadgets and is updated with the latest trends. Audio comes through a standard CD MP3 player with AM/FM tuning and AUX, USB inputs. This system is connected to four 6.5” speakers (placed on the overhead roller bars, unique styling again) and two tweeters on the dash producing exceptionally rich music quality. The same system host the UConnect Bluetooth phone system and it is completely voice controlled. Steering wheel is big and comfortable and mounted with buttons for voice control, audio settings etc. Seats are comfortable on both rows and provide the necessary cushion to absorb bumps when off-roading. Jeep Wrangler 2012 perfectly blends modern technology in a charming retro design.


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A major upgrade in the 2012 Wrangler is the new 3.6L VVT ‘Pentastar’ engine. This is the same engine used on the Chrysler and Dodge platforms. Tried and tested, this engine is the new heart in an old soul. It pumps 285 HP at 6,000 RPM and these figures come alive on both tarmac and off the road. The considerable jump in reaction time and speed is very impressive.
There are no doubts about Wranglers off-road capabilities, it acts like a unleashed beast. To further enhance this prowess, Jeep has added many new hardware upgrades for 2012. For the first time Wrangler is fitted with electronically controlled front stabilizer bar which allows for easy travel over obstacles by the front wheels with a quick flick of a switch. Other features include tru-lok electronic differential balancing, rock-trac and special off road tyres (optional). Hooks and skid plates are strategically placed to protect important components on adventurous rides. The heavy duty suspension of Wrangler has earned huge respect in UAE over the years. Once you sit behind the wheels of the Wrangler, you feel extremely powerful with the capability of doing anything. It’s the ultimate SUV in its purest form.

Safety includes equipment like front and side airbags, Electronic Stability Control, HAS and HDC and anti theft engine immobilizer.


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Jeep Wrangler is not like other SUV’s found in the market, in fact its specialty is the uniqueness. It is capable of catering all your family requirements and also complements the adventurous side of your lifestyle. It looks charming and the dealers in UAE offer a huge catalog of upgrades like metal bumpers, off-road kits, huge off-road tires etc. Such a SUV is not what is made to suit everyone but for those who love ruggedness and adventure. It’s almost like the Jeep picked up where the Hummer left off.

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Retail Price:*

Wrangler (two door): AED 110,000 – 147,000.
Wrangler Unlimited (four door): AED 115,000 – 157,000.

*Price may vary as per features and options selected.

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