Infiniti remaps power and luxury in G Sedan 2012 – Car review

In the UAE automobile market today, almost every vehicle has an optional V6 engine variant. These V6 models are fairly good but if you have ever been behind the wheels of a V6 by Infiniti, all your past experiences fade away. Infiniti showed the world what is the true potential of a V6. Infiniti’s popular G37 Sedan has earned much of its reputation because of its stunning performance on road, thanks to the V6.


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G37 was first introduced in Dubai in the year 2009 and replaced the previous 3.5L G35. Infiniti describes its G 37 as a luxurious sports sedan as it’s elegantly built and boasts power under the hood. Despite tough competition from players like BMW 3 series and Audi A4, G37 does don’t fail to impress. The pleasant cabin and superb handling of this Infiniti takes minutes to steal your heart away.

After having a look at the G Coupé you find the G Sedan a weirdly stretched version to forcefully fit in the two rear doors. However the rest of the styling is almost similar to the coupé. The front looks dynamic with the sword shaped chrome grille and sharp design of the bumper. Infiniti signature HID headlamps stretch towards the fender flares and are integrated with technologies like auto on/off, auto leveling and adaptive front lighting system. The body is curvaceous and sporty with sleek roofline, edgy tail lights and sharp lines on the sides. G37 projects a fair image of what it holds underneath.

On the interiors G37 is nothing less its German rivals. The cabin is pleasant and crafted with utmost precision which is clearly noticeable. The textured wooden trim (aluminum trim is also available as an option) on the central console, door casings and glove compartment brings in a feel of elegance. The hand stitched leather on the steering wheel and seats creates an unmatched ambiance of luxury. On the downside, rear seats provide minimum head and leg room.

This air of sophistication is blended with cutting-edge technology. Audio is powered by Bose comprising 10 speakers CD/DVD MP3 capability. This system is integrated to a 7” colour LCD monitor on the center of the dashboard. The same unit also displays important information like climate control settings, Navigation (optional), fuel data etc. The best part of the entertainment system in this sedan is its user friendliness. A circular knob with mounted buttons provides maximum ease in navigating through the various options. A Bluetooth phone system works in hand with this system. The rearview camera runs standard on all trim levels. A 9.3 GB music box hard disk is available as an option. The interior of G37 is amazingly luxurious and packed with user friendly technologies.


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Under the hood lies the most impressive piece of this sedan, a fine tuned 3.7L V6 engine, the reason it gets its name, G37. This engine delivers unlimited power, as a matter of fact, Ward Automotive Group rewarded this engine as one of its “10 Best” for 13 years in a row. This engine pumps a stunning 326 HP at 7000 RPM. A 7 speed automatic transmission with pedal shifters is mated to this engine. The ride feels a bit rough but handles amazingly well on corners. As to floor the throttle, G37 instantaneously propels forward and yet you never feel you are running out of juice. The feel and punch of this engine is indeed impressive.


For safety, G37 packs front, side and curtain airbags. Active headrests come into place in case of a collision. Parking sensors are equipped on the front and rear end of the vehicle. Other safety features include remote keyless entry system, electronic immobilizer, ABS, vehicle dynamic control, Traction control system and much more.


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Infiniti G37 is a well equipped, fun-to-drive and stylish looking sports sedan. It allows a pleasant cabin room and lets the driver take charge of the amazing power in its engine. Dubai has been a fan of Infiniti and G37 is sure to add number to this club.

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Retail Price*:
     G25 sedan AED 140,000 – 160,000.
     G37 sedan AED 172,000 – 185,000.

      *Price may vary as per features and options selected.

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