German giants push to make Middle East eco-friendly.

A super luxurious white gold Mercedes Benz and other sumptuous extravagant brands like Rolls Royce have been driven around UAE for years now. The abundantly available oil resource here  allows for such elaborate and fancy wheels. However, even here in the Middle East, people are walking an extra mile to save fuel and adopt eco-friendly options, like the white gold Mercedes (below) for example is reported to run on bio-fuel.


White gold Mercedes Benz that runs on biofuel.

With the attitude of people here changing towards an environment friendly surrounding, two for Germany’s largest manufacturing companies, Seimens and Volkswagen, have teamed up to provide Seimens employees in UAE with VW hybrid cars. For a start, Seimens UAE employees will be will be provided 12 VW Touareg hybrid cars which produce less gas emissions and eventually other hybrid models, which are reported to be more fuel efficient will be introduced to the employees.

Stefan Mecha, Managing Director of Volkswagen for the Middle told the news site Middle East Events:

“Siemens and Volkswagen have had a long history of collaboration working on developing parts, technology and processes, and now we have this eco-friendly initiative. We look forward to providing cars and training for fuel efficient driving to Siemens employees in the UAE”.


Touareg Hybrid for Seimens employees in UAE.

Although at a small level, companies like these are setting examples for others and we hope to see many follow the right direction, soon.  Such active participation in this region would be a very healthy move for the environment, securing a better tomorrow.

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