Cadillac CTS 2012 is an icon from every angle. Car review

Everybody loves something unique, something different and something that stands out of the herd of sedans available in the market today. A super fast and highly responsive engine is also appreciated by all for it makes driving more of an experience then a task. Looks are of great importance as well, it’s a brief description of what the car is all about, it displays the personality of the car and says a lot about its manufacturer. Imagine your most amazing experience behind the wheels of any car and increase it by 10 fold, similarly, imagine luxury at its best with state-of-the-art technology and supple hand-sewn French leather upholstery. Let’s get all the above in one word, ladies and gentleman, welcome Cadillac CTS 2012.

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Redesigned back in 2008, CTS continues the same design for 2012 with minor upliftments. The signature Cadillac cuts and curves makes the CTS look as aggressive as a wild Lion. The beauty doubles with the vertical head and tail LED lamps. HID Head lamps integrated with Adaptive Forward Lighting to read speed and direction of steering and accordingly set the focus of lights. The sporty rectangular grille which is finished in chrome is stylish and rightfully showcases the prestigious Cadillac logo. For those to want to take this beauty to the highest level, Cadillac offers the CTS-V (sports version) with darker grille, large 19” alloy wheels and special V-series tail lamp display. CTS is wrapped in an athletic shape, the sharp straight lines and edges make a very sporty design, its extraordinary presence is felt by everyone.


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As mesmerizing it looks, under the hood lie goods to back up its beauty. CTS-V enjoys the accolade of the fastest production car in the world with its raw, muscular, Supercharged V8 6.2L engine. It roars 556HP at 4000RPM and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in a mere 3.9 seconds. This vehicle carefully engineered and tuned for an out of the world experience. Mated to a 6-speed manual/automatic transmission, CTS-V is a rear wheel driven sedan. 10 seconds behind the wheels of this mighty sedan and you fall in love with it forever.


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Other engine options with the CTS are a 3.0L V6 VVT and a 3.6L V6 VVT with Direct Injection. Both these engines are mated to 6-speed automatic transmission and are rear wheel drives, the 3.6L variant is also available on a all wheel drive platform. The handling and response of CTS on corners as well as on straights is impeccable. A touch on the throttle and CTS launches violently pushing you deep into the seat.


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Enjoy this unbeatable power in premium luxury, such is the sophistication of the cabin. Beautiful walnut trim finishes the angular dashboard and gives it elite look. Excellent craftsmanship of fashionable designs is smooth and elegant. Seats are electronically adjusted and hand-sewn in fine French leather. A wide sunroof spreads across the ceiling and ingenious blue lighting livens up the interiors. A stylish touch comes from the analog watch in the dead-center of the dashboard, attention to detail is top-class.


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As rich and lavish, the cabin of CTS is infused with contemporary technology. A 8” touch screen display gracefully glides up from the central console when needed. It displays almost everything to want to know, from navigation, rear view camera and audio information. A 40 GB hard disk sits behind the screen offering ample of space for your entertainment storage. Audio quality is mind-boggling and comes through Bose 5.1 Surround sound system including 10 speakers and 275 watts of power. This unification of premium luxury and advanced technology make for an exceptionally comfortable cabin. The space and sophistication of CTS interiors allows for a convenient and relaxing drive.

Cadillac offers CTS in Dubai with various safety equipment as standard including six airbags, Theft Deterrent System, Traction control and StabiliTrak. Many other safety features are available as options on CTS to ensure a safer ride.

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CTS is available in various packages in UAE ranging from base, luxury, performance and the sports V-series. Engines, interior features and exterior components vary in accordance with the package which means a huge variety of options for consumers. 

Cadillac CTS 2012 is a premium luxury cum super sports sedan, which is a loved combination in Dubai. It holds raw muscular power in its engine with fine interior upholstery. CTS 2012 comes at its best with artful design, sports car dynamics and futuristic luxury.


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Retail Price*:

CTS Sedan AED 130,000 – 200,000.

CTS Coupe AED 198,000 – 220,000.

CTS-V Sedan AED 265,000 – 285,000.

CTS-V Coupe AED 315,000 – 330,000.

*Price may vary as per features and options selected.


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